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Empowering Women
Through Education & Industry

Gloria Díaz is the current president of Maraxcó's Association for Women's Advancement, known by its acronym, AMUPROCAJ, in Spanish. For years, this growing group of women, currently including 181 members, have identified community needs and found innovative solutions that last. 

In a community where income can be scarce and is often the purview of men, AMUPROCAJ trains and inspires its women members to provide for their families with uncanny resourcefulness. They make artesanal baskets and beautiful embroidered wraps by hand, or sell leftover produce from their 9 community gardens to make ends meet at home. These may seem like small measures, but they can take an average family income of 1,000 Quetzales per month (about $130) and double it, creating a bounty that would otherwise be impossible.   

Guatemalan women tend to a community garden in the eastern highland village of Maraxcó.

Beyond increasing their family income dramatically, the women pool their ideas and labor together to solve community problems. The highland region that surrounds their village is largely arid, so many of their efforts are focused on the gathering, preservation, and management of water. 

Past projects have included a communal rainwater gathering system, complete with its own stone & sand filtration system, anti-erosion projects on key community hillsides, and the building of their own meeting place. 

We're currently in the middle of helping AMUPROCAJ secure rainwater collection systems for all of their women member's homes. 

L5 Empowerment is proud to partner with AMUPROCAJ's resourceful, innovative, and hard-working women. Their work is changing their community for good, and you can be an essential part of it. 


You came just in time. We're currently raising funds to dig and equip a well, which will be owned and operated by Gloria's organization.


The well will provide water year-round which can be transported via piping or trucks to households, where it will be stored in the already-installed residential water tanks.


Help Gloria and the enterprising women of her org have year-round access to water by donating today. 

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