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About US

Our Mission

Help people discover they have the power to change their lives and the world.

Our Vision

People empowered to reach their potential, help others, and live dignified, happy lives.

Our Principles
  1. Treat everyone as equals. 

  2. Listen to and learn from the people we serve. 

  3. Teach, inspire, and empower all. 

  4. Make participants the heroes of their own stories. 

  5. Help people improve their quality of life for good.

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Current Project

Our Current Project

water for a
guatemalan Village

Gloria Díaz, the leader of a working women's cooperative in the rural town of Maraxcó (mah-rash-CO), knew members of her co-op needed better access to water.


Their spigots only worked a few hours a month, forcing them to buy water at a high cost, or carry it from a faraway river. Gloria had a plan, too: buying and installing rainwater collection systems for the women of her co-op.


L5 Empowerment  raised funds for a first phase, helping Gloria and her fellow women leaders buy and install rainwater collection systems for 182 of their homes.

Now, for our next phase, we're partnering with Gloria to raise funds for a well which will be owned and operated by her women's coop, bringing year-round water to each woman's residential tank. 

Learn more about Gloria's women's organization.


How We Work
A Revolving Fund

The Cycle

When you give to L5 Empowerment's fund, your gift is loaned out for sustainable projects. Then, according to a schedule that works for program participants, it's paid back, becoming available for another project. 

Your Gift Goes Further

As a result, even the most modest gift to our revolving fund will be multiplied many times over in impact, bringing growth and learning to communities time and time again. 

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You came just in time. We're currently raising funds to dig and equip a well, which will be owned and operated by Gloria's organization.


The well will provide water year-round which can be transported via piping or trucks to households, where it will be stored in the already-installed residential water tanks.


Help Gloria and the enterprising women of her org have year-round access to water by donating today. 

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